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With the Petit Marché Concierge Service, Petit Marché (PM) is in charge of selling clothes on behalf of the client. This includes creating ads, taking pictures and shipping items or organizing a meet up with the buyers. 


All items must be in a good condition without any holes or flaws. The clothes should be washed and ironed. We only accept clothes up to and including size 15 years. PM reserves the right to not accept items if they are not in the required condition and if it is estimated that they will not be possible to sell.

From experience we know that brands that sell well are Jacadi, Cyrillus, Petit Bateau, Bonton, Bonpoint, Ralph Lauren, Zara and similar brands. We will therefore most likely only accept brands within this category.


PM will propose at which price the items should be sold, based on the general price level on the application. PM will share a list of all items, including prices, with the clients before the items are put for sale.If a buyer offers a lower price than the price stated in the app, PM is not allowed to accept this price without consulting with the client first. The only exception to this, is if the client has already given a price range for each item.


The items will stay for sale on the app for minimunm 12 months. If the items have not been sold within this period the client can come and pick them up or PM can offer them to charity. PM only offers the concierge service to clients that have items to sell with a total price value above 150 CHF.


PM charges 40% of the selling price of every item sold. The remaining amount is paid to the client after the agreed time period.

For the moment we only accept items in Geneva, Zürich and at our pop ups.

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