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Why use Petit Marché?

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Many parents are becoming more and more accustomed to buying and selling secondhand things for their children. I think that any parent can relate to the piles of clothes, shoes, toys and equipment piling up at home, much of it still in a good condition. And while we do not know what to do with all this, we have to buy new things all the time as our children grow and seasons change. This is one reason why it makes sense for parents to buy and sell secondhand for their kids.

However there are many other reasons:

· The production of clothes is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry. Today an average family in the western part of the world throws away 30 kg of clothing each year. If we choose to buy and sell secondhand, things will get a second life, there will be less waste and we can all contribute to less emissions.

· I think that most parents can agree that it can become very costly with all the new things we have to acquire for our children. Buying secondhand is the chance to buy things that are still in a great condition but at a more favorable price.

Today there are different ways in which parents can buy and sell secondhand for their kids. Petit Marché is unique in the sense that it is a marketplace specialised only in things for children, making it appealing for buyers as well as sellers.

As a BUYER you can easily find the exact thing you are looking for. You can search by brand or you can set up a filter that corresponds to the age and gender of your child/children and you will only see the things that are relevant to you. If the thing you are looking for is not available you can sign up to be notified if it will be put for sale.

As a SELLER it only takes a moment to put your things for sale. The app makes it possible to take the 3 required photos directly with your phone and directly upload them. Once an ad is published it is easy to manage and in case you would like to make any changes or add new photos, it is easily done.

Why use Petit Marché?

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